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Crash course on numbers - hex, binary and decimal

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06-04-2004: LCD 4-bit mode explanation with asm code!

30-03-2004: 24C16 TWI EEPROM interfacing page with C code uploaded.

27-03-2004: LCD pages and our VERY FIRST C Code example!

We also added an introduction to the TWI in the architecture section. Example code is on its way.

26-09-2003: The ATmega8 pages are finished! Here's the intro!

28-08-2003: Added an ATmega8 ADC example!

27-08-2003: The whole site is now available as a zip file!

Welcome to AVRbeginners.net!

We're trying to get people who are new to AVR microcontrollers some sort of start on them. You'll find general information about the instruction set and architecture of AVRs on these pages as well as code examples and circuits.

As many people have requested interfacing examples (like how to get an LCD working), we're now trying to build simple example circuits with external peripherals such as TWI devices or (of course!) LCDs. We already finished some LCD stuff which can be found in the new submenu "interfacing examples" to the <- left. Most probably many interfacing examples will use an LCD for debugging purposes.

If you feel that the information you find here is too basic (it's a site for beginners...) jump over to www.avrfreaks.net and ask in one of the forums there. They're full of great people who can help you. Or, if you think something is missing, just drop us a line.

The team currently consists of:

Alejandro Weinstein [ arch@avrbeginners.net ]

Julius Volz [ design@avrbeginners.net ]

Christoph Redecker (me!) [ webmaster@avrbeginners.net ]